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Emojis were yesterday: WhatsApp brings emojis to Messenger

Emojis were yesterday: WhatsApp brings emojis to Messenger

Yellow circles help in messages to express feelings. What if you became an emoji yourself? WhatsApp is now following suit and, like Apple, is bringing its own avatars into play.

From character codes to emojis, texting has changed forever. SMS gets the intonation the sender wants. In part, the use of emoji among young people leads to a very special secret language. Now WhatsApp goes one step further: in the future, users will be able to send messages to themselves.

It is already possible to create an avatar to use as a profile picture. Advantage: You don’t have to upload your own photo. Facebook’s news service allows avatars and digital photos of oneself, and up to 36 stickers can be created with it. WhatsApp also gives a glimpse of the near future: the avatar can be used for video calls. Perfect for sleepless nights.

Talking about: apple It already released this feature for its messaging service, iMessage, at WWDC 2020. The principle is similar.

How to get your WhatsApp Avatar

In the settings there is an “Avatar” menu item directly under the profile. After the mandatory notice of how the new feature works, the user agrees to “Let’s go”. In the first step, the skin color closest to you is chosen. Then you go step by step. Hair, color, body shape, nose, eye color and shape, as well as any beard growth can be transferred in all its aspects. The digital self can be refined with clothing and makeup. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can return to single points at any time.

Once your avatar is created, it is ready to use. This is found by the icon with the square that appears to have a dog’s ear in the lower right hand side. Your face is already shown, if you select it, the 36 available options will appear. From laughter, skepticism, and agitation to desperate crying, it’s all there.

If the avatar is disguised, then of course it can also become the profile picture, you just need to select “Create profile picture” in the avatar settings and select the one with the desired emoticon.

Avatar feature not available yet?

If the functionality is not yet visible in the settings, WhatsApp needs to be updated. If this does not bring the desired success, then only patience will help. The update will be rolled out gradually and there may be slight delays.