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Emma Heming's wife is "paralysed" from grief

Emma Heming’s wife is “paralysed” from grief

A few months ago, Bruce Willis was diagnosed with aphasia. Now his wife Emma is talking about difficult times.


The basics in brief

  • Actor Bruce Willis was forced to give up his career.
  • The Die Hard star suffers from aphasia.
  • His wife Emma is also struggling, as she now reveals.

It ended in March of this year Hollywood– Star Bruce Willis (67) his career. Since then he withdrew from public life.

the reason? at this the actor had become Diagnosis of aphasia. It’s not easy for his family either, how Emma Heming’s wife (44) Now revealed.

in a new one Instagram-The post, featuring gardening and sports, wrote: “This was a summer of self-discovery – I found new hobbies, left my comfort zone and stayed active.”

Her grief can paralyze her, but she is learning to deal with it. Mourning is the deepest and purest form the loveHemming continues.

Are you a fan of Bruce Willis?

Aphasia is an acquired language disorder that occurs in 80 percent of cases as a result of stroke. In a statement released in March, his family said that Willis’s cognitive abilities were “severely impaired.”

The actor is best known for his roles in action movies like “Die Hard”.

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