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Emirates will offer additional destinations in China from February 2023 and Australia from June 2023.
Details of new and additional routes:

Shanghai: From January 20, 2023, Shanghai will initially be served with two weekly flights with the A380. From February 2, 2023, the frequency will be increased to four weekly flights operated on three-class Boeing 777-300ER. By March 2023, daily flight operations will be gradually expanded.

As of February, Emirates flight EK302 will depart Dubai at 03:45 local time and arrive in Shanghai at 15:40. Return flight EK303 departs Shanghai at 17:40 and lands in Bangkok at 21:45, before departing the Thai capital at 23:20 and arriving in Dubai at 03:20 the next day.

From March 1, Emirates flight EK304 departs Dubai at 09:15 daily and arrives in Shanghai at 21:05. Return flight EK303 departs Shanghai at 23:00 and arrives Dubai at 05:20 the next day.

Guangzhou: Emirates currently operates a four-weekly non-stop service from Dubai to Guangzhou as EK362 and a return service from Guangzhou to Dubai via Bangkok as EK363.

From February 1, 2023, the flight service between Dubai and Guangzhou will increase in frequency. EK362/EK363 will be operated as daily non-stop flights on Emirates flagship A380. Emirates flight EK362 departs Dubai at 10:45 AM and arrives Guangzhou at 9:45 PM. Return flight EK363 departs Guangzhou at 00:15 and arrives Dubai at 05:15.

Beijing: Flight operations to Beijing will begin on March 15, 2023 with a daily non-stop flight.

Emirates flight EK308 departs from Dubai at 10:50 AM and arrives in Beijing at 10:20 PM. Return flight EK307 departs Beijing at 00:40 and arrives Dubai at 05:00.

Hong Kong: From March 29, 2023, Emirates will operate an additional daily non-stop service from Dubai to Hong Kong, adding 14 weekly flights to the existing service via Bangkok.

Emirates departs Dubai on an Airbus A380 at 10:45 local time and arrives in Hong Kong at 22:00. Return flight EK381 departs Hong Kong at 00:35 and arrives Dubai at 05:00.

Interline agreements with Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Airlines provide passengers with even better connections to destinations outside Hong Kong.

Brisbane: Emirates will operate a second daily flight to Brisbane from 1 June 2023 using the Emirates Boeing 777-300ER. Emirates flight EK430 departs from Dubai at 02:30 and arrives in Brisbane at 22:20. The return flight, EK431, departs Brisbane at 02:50 and arrives Dubai at 11:00 local time. The airline currently serves Brisbane with one A380 flight daily.

With the added frequency, Emirates will serve Brisbane with 14 weekly flights, returning to pre-pandemic levels. (red)