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Emirates increases flights to Australia

Emirates increases flights to Australia

The Dubai-based airline says it will operate all flights to Brisbane using Airbus A380s and will add a second daily flight to Perth.

To meet the high demand for flights to Australia, Emirates will operate all flights between Dubai and Sydney with Airbus A380 from November 4. from one Press release The airline now reveals that all flights between Dubai and Brisbane will be operated with the A380 and another daily connection to Perth is planned.

More A380 connections to Australia

Emirates flies direct from Dubai to four destinations in Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, 63 times a week. Connections to Sydney are operated exclusively with the Airbus A380. The airline flies to Brisbane twice a day. The flights have so far taken place once with a Boeing 777 and once with an Airbus A380. From 1 October, the second aircraft, EK430/431, which will operate from June 2023, will also be converted to A380. The flight takes place at the following local times:

  • EK430| Dubai – Brisbane | Departure: 2:30 am Arrival: 10:20 pm
  • EK431| Brisbane – Dubai | Departure: 01:55 am Arrival: 10:05 am

It is estimated that the annual capacity of flights between Brisbane and Dubai will increase by 100,000 seats each year due to the use of the world's largest aircraft. Additionally, there will be a second daily connection between Dubai and Perth from December 1, which will provide 129,210 additional seats annually, bringing the total to 250,000. Boeing 777 is used here. This flight operates at the following local times:

  • EK424| Dubai – Perth | Departure: 9:15 AM, Arrival: Next day 12:05 PM
  • EK425| Perth – Dubai | Departure: 6:00 AM, Arrival: 1:10 PM

The deployment of the A380 and the introduction of a second flight to Perth will increase weekly seat capacity between Dubai and Australia to 6,900. Emirates is the airline that carries the most passengers between the Australian continent and Europe via Dubai. Does Emirates operate the aircraft in a four class configuration with the above connections? New Premium Economy will be used. Today's search for Dec 13 found links with a three-class configuration. The airline recently announced the addition of a new business class to the Boeing 777 and Airbus A350.

Decision to increase flights to Australia

Emirates is replacing the Boeing 777 with a second daily flight between Dubai and Brisbane, replacing the Airbus A380 with a second daily flight to Perth. As a result, Emirates continues to expand its seat capacity to Australia and is the most important airline for passengers between Australia and Europe.

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