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Emily Blunt talks about her love for happiness

Emily Blunt talks about her love for happiness

A post-apocalyptic world where a family must fight for their survival against strange creatures: “A Quiet Place” managed to scare the audience in 2018. In the second part of the horror film, Emily Blunt (38) aka Evelyn was alone . She has to fend for herself and her children against monsters without her film husband John Krasinski, 41, who she is also married to in real life.

Blake: What happened to John in the movie?
Emily Blunt: I don’t want to expect that. But suddenly I was without a partner and without a safe haven. Our house was destroyed and I have to live outside alone with my two children and a baby. There are other people in the area, but I don’t know who to trust. I became a mother whose sole purpose is to defend her young by all means.

Against the monsters that suddenly appeared. This is appropriate for the time being. An invisible killer suddenly terrorizes the world.
It’s amazing how many people can recognize this terrible concept in 2021. The movie was supposed to come out last year, but the start was canceled due to the pandemic. So, during the first shutdown, “A Quiet Place 2” posters hung around deserted New York and Los Angeles for months. People kept asking me how scary they thought it was. I found it scary too

Can we translate something from the movie into our reality?
Yeah. It is even more difficult to fight such a powerful enemy when society is collapsing. We humans have to stay together and form a community if we want to win in the end.

If you are not married to him – How do you rate John Krasinski as a director?
As a perfectionist he doesn’t take an answer with no. Unless it comes from me (laughs)! Otherwise, he always finds a way to achieve his creative version. Bites hard. I love it about him

Can you give an example?
At the beginning of the movie, there was a car scene that the studio wanted to remove from the script because it wasn’t technically feasible. But John ordered special camera equipment from Germany. With it you can shoot through the roof of the car.

Is it difficult to work with a life partner?
With enough whiskey you can shake it off. Seriously: It works so well for us because we have very similar ideas about life. As a husband and father, he loves winning the lottery. I’m sure: we were meant for each other. We also value and respect each other professionally.

Your two daughters are 7 and 4 years old. As a mother, do you also have a “quiet place” – a place to rest where you can find some peace and quiet?
I rarely get absolute peace. Most likely when he sent John out of the house with the girls. Only then can I read a book.

In the movie, you transcend yourself as a mother who stands up for her children. Has this happened to you in real life?
There were some critical moments. Our eldest daughter Hazel recently fell off her scooter and brutally hit her chin. In the middle of the street in New York. John poke her and we ran across 15 buildings to the emergency room in record time. There it had to be sewn with 15 stitches. awesome.

The film plays with primal fears. What are your biggest fears?
Fortunately to lose someone I love, I only experienced this once. When my grandmother died. I try not to think about suffering, but rather to focus on the beautiful aspects of life: children, love, and a job. I am very grateful for my life.