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Emil Case (2): Investigators dig under a concrete slab

Emil Case (2): Investigators dig under a concrete slab

Southern France

Searching for Emil (2) – Investigators open a concrete slab

Two-year-old Emil was last seen on July 8. It has been searched for ever since. Investigators are now looking under a concrete slab at a property in Haute-Vernet.


Where is Emile? The boy has been missing for more than two months.


  • Two-year-old Emile from France has been missing for more than two months.

  • The police searched all the houses in the village and found no trace.

  • Now they are breaking a large concrete slab in front of a house.

In the case of Emile from France, missing since July 8 An important turning point may be imminent. According to BFMTV, the excavations took place on Tuesday afternoon in the village of Hautes Vernets in the Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence department in southern France. The focus of the investigation is said to have been a large concrete slab in front of a house.

According to the news channel, authorities have been working since Monday on the house, which is located a few hundred meters from Emile’s grandparents’ home. A few days after the two-year-old disappeared, an ultrasound device detected an anomaly in the concrete slab. It seems that investigators have now decided to open the entire painting to search for clues about Emile.

The concrete slab can be the turning point in the case

Investigators cautiously responded to BFMTV’s question about whether this was a turning point in the research: “Depending on what is found, yes. But we have no certainty.” For now, it is more about dispelling doubts and ruling out that something has been overlooked.

The house in question is said to belong to a couple who live in Bouches-du-Rhône and regularly vacation in Haut-Vernet. The couple are said to have been paying a company to carry out the construction work for several months.

Two-year-old Emil has been missing since July 8

There had been no sign of little Emil for several months. The two-year-old boy disappeared on July 8, 2023 from his ancestral garden in Le Vernet, southern France. After weeks of intense research The gendarmerie stopped this. Police had assumed since August that the boy had died.

At the end of July, investigators began searching for the missing man again. They also searched neighbors’ homes. One resident tells the French edition of Closer magazine how he experienced a police visit. “At first we talked to each other a little. They are very nice people. “Then they searched my house as well as my refrigerator.”

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