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"Emelind" hits Germany - severe storm damage in Germany - News

“Emelind” hits Germany – severe storm damage in Germany – News

  • A tornado may have caused significant damage in Lipstadt and Paderborn in North Rhine-Westphalia late Friday afternoon.
  • Between 30 and 40 people were injured, ten of them seriously.
  • According to firefighters and police, the hurricane has passed through the urban area of ​​Lipstadt and Paderborn.


The storm tore down the tower of St. Clemens Church in Hellinghausen, near Lipstadt.

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Police said a tornado caused destruction from west to east across downtown Paderborn. According to a spokesman for the firefighters, the entire city area was affected. The fire brigade also reported a possible hurricane in Lipstadt, about 35 kilometers away, causing severe damage.

In the district of Hellinghausen near Lippstadt, a storm fell on top of the steeple. About 200 to 300 firefighters are deployed. It added in a statement that the task force in the Suest region of the fire brigade called for support from other firefighting teams from the region to Lipstadt.

A spokesman for the interior ministry in North Rhine-Westphalia confirmed that Paderborn and Lepstadt were badly affected by the storm. Bishops were torn in both cities. The houses are partially uninhabitable or partially collapsed. Other homes may not be entered. Technical relief agency in action. Millions of damages are expected.

According to DWD, several reports of tornadoes have been received, as well as Lippstadt from Lüdenscheid and Meschede. Police and firefighters reported falling trees, hail damaged cars and flooded basements. The storm covered roofs and uprooted trees. In Hellinghausen near Lippstadt, the church tower was destroyed.

The German Weather Service (DWD) issued its first storm warning for the Emilind low pressure area in the early afternoon. Already in the morning there were warnings of hurricanes, hail, heavy rain and isolated cyclones in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Severe thunderstorms did hit western Germany on Thursday, but the damage was less severe than expected. Sometimes, rail traffic to the Netherlands was interrupted. Thunderstorms and winds triggered hundreds of firefighting operations in Lower Saxony.

DWD is also forecasting thunderstorms in southern Germany overnight before the area of ​​low pressure moves toward Poland.

Windhose moves through Lippstadt and Paderborn