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Embolo leaves the place with tears

Embolo leaves the place with tears

Brill Empolo leaves the stadium in tears.


Brill Embolo should be replaced early in the Bundesliga match between Mainz and Gladbach. Will Nati’s powerful striker miss the World Cup qualifier against Italy in a week?

Less than half an hour was played when Embolo appears to have pinched his thigh in a harmless duel. The Swiss immediately fell to the ground and lay there. After a short treatment on the field, it is clear that things cannot go on. Shortly before, the injured Nico Elvedi had to be replaced.

Ambolo being off the field in tears. Perhaps the 24-year-old dreads a longer break. The injury will also come at the most stupid moment for the national team, because in a week the “final” of qualifying for the World Cup in Italy is scheduled to take place in Switzerland. And Embolo, who has put in a great performance in the past few weeks, will indeed be the great hope of the Nati.

It is not yet clear how severe the injury is and whether Embolo will really miss the match. However, Murat Yakin is likely to be concerned about who could be used on the tip of the storm instead of Embolo. Noah Okafor, who is also at his best and called up by Yakin for the first time, can be called into question.