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Embolo and Akanji stand out against Wales - Cher and Svirovic are unhappy

Embolo and Akanji stand out against Wales – Cher and Svirovic are unhappy

Streller: “Because of the way the match went, Switzerland can never be satisfied”

Switzerland started Euro 2020 with a 1-1 draw with Wales, and despite more matches and increased chances, Switzerland failed to score the decisive goal in the final stage.


Switzerland scored a point initially against Wales – quite a few considering the match ratio and scoring chances. Natty players in individual review.

Evaluation key
6 saxstark
5 gut
4 is enough
3 weak
2 is too weak
1 underground

The 32-year-old heads Kiefer Moore over the bar in the 15th minute. In the 74th minute, Moore, now wearing a turban, does not give the Swiss goalkeeper a chance. Summer is rarely challenged in the whole game, but it solves the few tasks with ease.

There are no dropouts, but they lag in the build of the game and thus generally remain unclear. Strong, how he won the duel on the sideline against Gareth Bale seconds before the end, thus missing Wales’ last chance in the bud.

Schär has its luster, but it is not rewarded for it. In the 20th minute, he failed after a corner kick with a heel trick on the highly responsive goalkeeper. Before and after, he made several bad passes and when he gave up, Cher lost sight of his opponent – soon collided. In the 30th minute he was warned for his reckless entry against James. The fact that fine-tuning has yet to be correct in many situations is no surprise, as Cher hasn’t played hard in the past few months due to injury and a red card suspension negotiated during the comeback.

You can see that the Dortmund mercenary entered the national team with great self-confidence. He does not make one unnecessary mistake, he predicts well and wins important duels, for example against Bale in the 90th minute. In the 61st minute, he directed Davis’s shell with his chest into the corner. keep it up.

Mbabu is preferred over Widmer and is an asset. He has the confidence to do something, sometimes he goes individual and thus conquers his opponents. He also does a decent job defensively. Unfortunately, the missed opportunity in the 52nd minute still stands. If Mbabo scores 2-0 there, that will be the initial decision. Like Cher, Mbabu is biased towards yellow in the Italy game.

The captain of the national team takes care of the ball and almost never plays a bad pass. Sure, he prefers the safety pass, but he also knows how to change the game or play the ball deep. But he does not cause any danger in the last third, his last attempt (24) misses the goal. One would have hoped from the hour that he would raise the pace of his teammates.

Freuler is rarely a player of the viewer, and thus is often underestimated. He also doesn’t stand out against Wales, but that doesn’t mean he’s doing a bad job. He locks rooms and keeps his appearance free to fellow players. Typical Freuler: After a Swiss corner kick Wales can counterattack, seconds later the 29-year-old appears as the man behind him, because he recognizes the situation early and turns lightning fast. There’s one question that’s hard to answer: Was it really necessary for him to head the ball into a corner before it could net him?

There have been big questions about whether Rodriguez will be in the starting line-up, as he hasn’t played in Turin with difficulty in the past few months. But he has been consistent in the national team for years and that is why the 28-year-old has earned the confidence. Defensively, he’s not guilty of anything, but in attack, a little running on his left side. If Rodriguez gets the ball in the opposite half of the field, it won’t be dangerous. He always turns around and plays the ball backwards. You would like to see that he sometimes hits the opponent and tries to get the ball into the middle. Safety First It’s all well and good, but you don’t make the difference that way.

Shortly before the break, the previously inconspicuous Embolo reported on duty and put the ball on Seferovic ready to take the shot, but missed. After the tea break it literally explodes. In the 49th minute, he irresistibly refueled against two Welshmen and failed with a powerful blow to the exciting goalkeeper. But Shaqiri circles the next corner in the direction of Embolo, who dodges his opponent and nods to make the score 1-0. Just three minutes later, he regained speed again and spat the ball at Mbabu, who leaves the first chance. And the 24-year-old continues his strength, in the 65th minute he shoots the ball away from the right post after a step. After that, Switzerland slackens, but this does not apply to Embolo, who in the 85th minute with Gavranovic’s header (a goal canceled by the VAR) and in the 90th minute I saw him, as with his goal from a corner kick, was saved by the goalkeeper. .

Hopefully, the genius of the Swiss national team will save the strokes of genius in the upcoming matches. As for his standards, he plays an inconspicuous game, but one thing should be given to him. He rounds all his corners with precision and flair in the danger zone, so Cher makes it to the finish point and sets the Embolo in the scoring. In the 66th minute he was substituted when the score was 1-0, which he doesn’t seem to like. But we all know how badly Shaqiri was injured, so you just have to accept Petkovic’s decision and be happy if Liverpool’s bench press can play in the next game against Italy from the start.

He’s the most visible offensive player in the first half, but unfortunately he hasn’t adjusted his eyebrow properly yet. In the 27th minute he takes the ball with his back to the goal and turns it around from his turn away from the goal, strong action. Even with his worst right-footed long-range shot, he lacks the latter’s accuracy. Just before the break, he misses his third chance to score, from the best position misses the goal. As if afraid to miss more chances, he jumped completely in the second half.

Everyone who watched the match on “SRF2” “knows” that Zakaria’s substitution was the beginning of the end, and that the 24-year-old lost sight of his opponent before conceding his net. But in iteration, it’s easy to see that he’s talking to Cher in front of the corner and that Zacharias is not in charge of Moore’s scorer. It also comes into effect at a time when the Swiss are already moving away from the accelerator. It’s hard to shine under these conditions. Neither the crest nor the flop.

Barely on the box when it hits the skin irresistibly into the net. Mad! But then the VAR technology comes into play and, unfortunately, Gavranovic is way too far ahead, and there’s no offside target. Jafra also does what one would hope for a Joker attacker, he brings new momentum into the game and shows himself well two more times. He’ll probably get a few more minutes of playing time in the next game.

Wales – Switzerland 1: 1 (0: 0)

Baku Olympic Stadium. – 8000 spectators. – SR turbine. – rip: 49. Ambulus (Shaqiri’s Corner) 0: 1. 74. Moore (Morrell) 1: 1.

Wales: Incoming. Conor Roberts, Rodon, Ben-Davies, Mivan; Morell, Allen, Ramsay (93. Ampadu); Bell, Moore, James (75. Brooks).

Switzerland: Sumer. Elvedi, Schär, Akanji; Mbabo, Froeller, Xhaka, Rodriguez; Shaqiri (66. Zacharias); Ambolo, Seferovic (84. Gavranovic).