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EM Football: Austria meet amateur attacking players

EM Football: Austria meet amateur attacking players

“We played with them twice not too long ago so we know what to expect. We will be prepared and looking for revenge,” said offensive player Caitlin McGuinness. At Wiener Neustadt, on April 8, they lost 3-1 in the ‘second-leg’ against ÖFB selection. We don’t want to leave the field as losers again. “We want to go out and make an impression, but we have to remember that they are a great team too,” said midfielder Chloe McCarron.

Her side boosted their second-half performances against Norway, including a first-ever UEFA goal from Julie Nielsen, who, at 37 years and 33 days old, became the oldest player to score in a European Championship as of Thursday. “We’ve learned from the first game and we’re trying to do better,” McGuinness promised. “Our heads are not low,” McCarron added. And according to midfielder Lauren Wade, the team is encouraged as they have already shown against Austria that they can turn chances.

Austria is looking forward to the Northern Ireland game

In two days, the Austrian national team will play its main match against Northern Ireland in the European Championship in England. Goals must be scored against newcomers in the European Championship, which is why the attack around first striker Nicole Bella is required.

The Northern Irish woman, who was represented in a major event for the first time, had the disadvantage of having one day less break in preparation. But that doesn’t really matter, because coach Kenny Shils’ side, who has been in charge since May 2019, play all three games at Southampton, so there’s no stress to travel. That’s why ÖFB Team Leader Irene Furman said there is no advantage here.

“Many of them are part-time players with full-time jobs.”

There are ten members of the Legion in Northern Ireland, with Magill being the most famous of them. She is the first Northern Irish woman to play professional football, worked for Everton last season, and is now moving to league rival Aston Villa. Offensive player Rachel Furness will also meet ÖFB Corps Manuela Zinsberger and Laura Weinrother (both from Arsenal) in the English Senate next season, especially after she’s managed to climb to Liverpool. With Rebecca Holloway, there is also an actor on the team working in the United States.

But for the majority, football is not a priority. “Many of us are just part-time players, with full-time jobs. It’s incredible to be able to compete with the best,” Sarah Robson said.

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Sarah Robson is a mother, working and participating in the European Football Championship with Northern Ireland

“We don’t have any stars, and that’s what makes us so special,” Furness added. In order to be able to prepare perfectly for the Finals, many players have taken a break from work to regularly participate in training as part of several months of preparation for the tournament to be able to. Like captain Marisa Callahan, who is expected to return to the starting line-up, Robson is also Mother. In Austria it has been very common in the past – including at the 2017 European Championships in the Netherlands – for players to have a job on the side or at least have completed professional training. In the meantime, many can make a living off football.