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EM Athletics: Javelin thrower Webber wants to hand in EM in the final

EM Athletics: Javelin thrower Webber wants to hand in EM in the final

Julian Weber, currently the best German javelin thrower, decided to take a different approach at the European Athletics Championships in Munich than he did at the World Championships in the USA.

In Eugene, after a solid qualification, the man from Mainz didn’t get past fourth in the final, as he was fourth at the Tokyo Olympics last year.

“In the World Cup final, I quickly realized that today wasn’t my day,” Webber said in an interview with M√ľnchner Merkur. “I was also nervous and exposed myself to pressure. I didn’t know anything about myself like that.” / tz. The 27-year-old added that he may have missed a bit in the playoffs.

Webber declared: “At the European Championships, I would do it the other way around, get to the final with a not-so-good day, and then change the approach.” Qualifiers will take place on Friday at the Olympic Stadium, the final and then on the last day of the European Championship on Sunday.

Webber came close to the 90m mark this year, making him the number one seed in Germany. Former world champion Johannes Vetter has been injured in the European Championships, and the Olympic champion in Rio, Thomas Rohler, is not in his old form after a forced long hiatus. It’s a new situation that you have to deal with first, Webber said: “I felt that in the World Cup as well, the feeling of pressure is on a different level.”

He wants to turn the experiences that have been done positively so that he can shine in the European Championships. “I feel good, the expectation is growing every day,” Weber said. “I’m going back to the situation.”