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EM 2021: Jogi's latest squad: space for competence in the national team

EM 2021: Jogi’s latest squad: space for competence in the national team

Joachim Low, among others, has nominated returning Mats Hummels and Thomas Muller for the European Championships. But the most interesting thing is who is not there.

With what they did DFB But it also worked earlier. The additional trainer pulled to 2,962 meters to be able to jump from the top Zugspitze They preached the good news to people. Before the European Championships in Austria And the Switzerland That was, it was announced that Zugspitze’s Löw belonged to the illustrious circuit chosen to win the title. Then you didn’t. Heiko Westerman was a member of the team as Kevin Kourany or Clemens Fritz.

The German Football Association officials can hardly be blamed for the disastrous decision-making picture. The president compares his vice president to the Nazi judge, officials break up each other, and then there is a national team that lost 2-1 to Macedonia and 6-0 to Spain in the past few months. At least they seem to have understood throughout the team that now may not be the time to arrogantly introduce a team and surround the nomination of staff with hashtags and slogans on social networks.

Fans ask, Jogi Love replies: This is a good thing for the DFB

Frankfurt am Main at 112 meters above sea level. From the federation headquarters located there, the national coach announced the players who would accompany him in his latest tournament. Then he answered questions. Old people, fans and youth. They are all connected digitally. Not only was it goodwill, it was also done well, and so it should be emphasized that it is exceptional.

Not surprisingly, Löw called again for the first time since 2019 Thomas Muller In the band. The guy from Munich had a great season in Bayern Munich He received an “indispensable” status. Mats Hummels achieved the same level in Dortmund. However, he has also taken advantage of the fact that Niklas Sule has not been able to fill the gap left by Hummels over the past two years. Loew noted that retired veterans are not just about staying with the team to tell stories from the past. “Logically, these are the players we are betting on,” Love said. But in the same logical way, he couldn’t give them a regular seat warranty. After all, Süle has just secured his place in the team despite his short playing time at FC Bayern, while Jonathan Tah is not among the 26 men whose mission is to partially eliminate the disgrace of 2018.

Kevin Folland returns to the national team after more than four years.

Photo: Julian Strattenschholt, dpa

While it might have been speculated with Hummels and Müller, Kevin Volland wasn’t expecting to spend parts of the summer with the German national team. Alljoy was in the service of Monaco, playing his last ten international matches in November 2016 against Italy. But the national coach also noted that the striker, with 16 goals in 34 league matches, has a quality that very few of his other players have: scoring regularly.

Christian Gunter is at EM – Philippe Max is not a former FCA player

Nothing like this can be said of Christian Günther, even if the Freiburg player scored against Bayern Munich recently. The left-back has moved on to the team, having played only eight minutes of international play since 2014. For example, the former Philippe Max Augsburg has to stay at home.

In any case, it is often the unfiltered that is more exciting. This time, for example, there’s also Julian Brandt and Julian Draxler, so there are two players whose terrifying behavior Löw has been appreciating a lot for a long time. In the final stage of his creative phase as a national coach, he now appears to be putting more emphasis on competency. Heiko Westermann and Clemens Fitz were also not among the ball hits, but they advanced with their team to the final in 2008. Goal Löw doesn’t want to spend that time.

His team goes to the European Championship as a stranger. But he is sure: “We want and we will play a good tournament.” So far he has said something similar before all of the tournaments. Only one time was a mistake. However, his reputation has yet to recover from this. Now is the last chance to work on it successfully. In 2008, Löw had already climbed to the top before the tournament. This time it starts more at the bottom. The good thing about it is it can only go up.

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