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Elon Musk visits the Pope - the feedback on the net is delicious

Elon Musk visits the Pope – the feedback on the net is delicious

Kindly please: Hold on to the head of the Catholic Church.Screenshot: Twitter

Just a few weeks ago, Tesla boss Elon Musk kept the public informed with provocative tweets almost every day. However, since June 22, there has been a very long silence on his channel by Musk’s standards.

That changed Saturday night: Musk told his followers so Pope Francis met. He also posted a photo with the head of the Catholic Church, which also shows four of Musk’s seven children.

Musk costume is the biggest topic of conversation

But for most Twitter users, the Pope appears to be the least important. Many focused on the musk suit, which they believe does not fit well. “The richest man in the world needs a tailor for his pants,” one user jokes.

Wonder who else bought him these pants. You write most likely that it is not his mother. May Musk, now 74, is a model. A user feels reminded of his own story when he sees a billionaire and tells how he once had to buy an unsuitable suit at a thrift store.

Musk comments on the suit with self-deprecation

Because of the frequent comments about his clothes, Musk felt compelled to make a statement—and it was extraordinarily self-irritating. One user responded that his suit was indeed “tragic”.

Others commented in particular on the appearance of Musk’s sons. For some, they look like boy band members in the picture, while others compare them to the heroes of the Netflix series “Stranger Things”. Someone suspected that the Tesla boss built a time machine and moved four of them from the 1990s to the present.


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