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Elon Musk criticizes the German government over immigration

Elon Musk criticizes the German government over immigration

Zoff on X

Elon Musk targets Germany over immigration

Tech billionaire Elon Musk and the State Department have had an argument over X.


Musk accuses the Foreign Ministry…

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  • Musk argues with the State Department.

  • This rejects the criticism.

  • Musk talks about “feelings of invasion.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and American billionaire Elon Musk There was a dispute on her online platform X about German rescue aid Migrants in the Mediterranean Delivered. On Friday, Musk referred to an Italian post that praised the Alternative for Germany party and criticized the fact that rescue ships belonging to German-backed aid organizations were receiving migrants. “Does the German public know about this?” Musk wrote on the platform formerly known as Twitter, which he owns. The Foreign Ministry quickly responded via its English X account: “Yes. This is called saving lives.

But Musk followed up again and wrote: “So you’re really proud of that. Interesting. Frankly, I doubt the majority of the German public agrees with that. Have you done a poll?” If Germany Large numbers of “illegal immigrants” On Italian soil they have “feelings of invasion”.

There has been a dispute between the two governments in Rome and Berlin over the past few days. In a letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni criticized the fact that the German government wants to provide financial support to organizations that care for boat migrants in Italy. Rome sees this as interference in its internal affairs. On the other hand, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that this comes in implementation of the Bundestag’s decision.

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