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Elisay, Iceland: Who Lives in the ‘Most Lonely House in the World’?

Elisay, Iceland: Who Lives in the ‘Most Lonely House in the World’?

Elliðaey, Iceland

Who lives in the “most lonely house in the world”?

South of Iceland is a small island with one house. There are many legends surrounding the building.


This tiny house in the middle of Elliðaey Island is known as ‘the loneliest house in the world’.


  • There is a little white house on Elliðaey Island.

  • It has been called the “world’s loneliest house” on the internet.

  • Although it is uninhabited, it is owned by its owner.

Around Elliðaey Island off the coast Iceland There are many legends. a one cottage In the middle of the 0.45 square kilometer rock, it is particularly curious in the textile community. Who lives in the “most lonely house in the world”? When was it built? And for what purpose?

Elliðaey is a small volcanic island in the Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) archipelago in southern Iceland, the birthplace of the Icelandic Vikings. The island is only accessible by boat, parachute or helicopter. One of the legends says that in the past, a woman hid from invaders in Iliai to raise her son. Fishing villages settled 300 years ago, but no one has lived on the island since 1930 – the only residents are puffins.

The “most lonely house in the world” has one owner

On a cliff, however, is this small, well-kept building overlooking the sea. Although no one is there and there is no electricity or running water in Elliðaey, the house is in excellent condition.

It became famous in 2000 when the then Prime Minister of Iceland, Davis Odsson, wanted to gift the house to singer Bjork because she had done more for the country than most Icelanders. But the matter did not come to this, because it soon became clear that the distant White House had an owner.

Cottage without electricity but with sauna

And again the wildest rumors arose: once it was said that it belonged to a fanatical religious hermit, then it was said that the house and the island had been bought by an eccentric billionaire for use as a refuge in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

In fact, the island belongs to an association that organizes puffin-hunting expeditions. The club was built in 1954 to store fishermen’s equipment. The house also has a sauna with a rainwater harvesting system. Fishing trips are offered for around 300 euros. While in most countries they are protected by law today, in Iceland these birds are still hunted and eaten.

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