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Elementary Theories: Could Black Holes Be Elemental?  - Politics abroad

Elementary Theories: Could Black Holes Be Elemental? – Politics abroad

They are among the most amazing structures in space: black holes, which due to their enormous power can even devour planets!

Now these structures have entered the conversation in the United States. Reason: suspected racism.

In the winter of 2020/21, for example, a course called “Black Holes: Race and the Universe” was held at the elite Cornell University (New York).

Reason: Describing the course, Professor Nicholas Battaglia and colleague Parisa Waziri said it was a mistake to think that “there is no connection between the universe and the idea of ​​black skin tones”.

Instead, white astronomers have creatively reinterpreted the history of races using terms like “black hole” – to mask their unconscious racism.

The course was led by representatives of a dubious specialty: “Black Studies”. These researchers argue that racism from the colonial era persists to this day – in the form of unconscious behavior or words or terms like “black hole”.

The result: researchers suspect that racism is ubiquitous, for example in space.

It doesn’t just hit black holes. The term “event horizon” (the interface in space-time that occurs with black holes) is also an elemental element, according to the course description.

Other “astronomical concepts” such as the electromagnetic spectrum, stellar evolution and the relativistic theory of racism should also be exploited in the course with the help of “black studies”.

The researchers’ obsession with racism is not limited to artists and musicians: in their case, unconscious racism manifests primarily through the fact that they evoke “black skin tones” through “cosmic themes and images,” according to the course description. For this reason, black musicians such as “Outkast” (a hip-hop duo) and “Sun Ra” (a jazz composer) were addressed at the symposium.