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Electricity travels in the US – Biden wants to focus more on e-mobility – News


If the U.S. government has its way, half of the new cars sold in the United States should have electricity by 2030.

The United States lags behind the EU and China: only two percent of new cars sold are electric. In the EU it is ten per cent, in China it is six. Now US President Joe Biden is circling his people.

Charging stations across the country

“People, we have to deal with this together,” Biden declared, surrounded by the top management of Ford, General Motors and Stellandis. All companies with unionized employees. Elon Musk of Tesla was not invited.

Every second car is electric

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According to a new U.S. government goal, half of all new cars sold in the United States must be electric by 2030. These include electric cars, vehicles with hybrid drives and cars with hydrogen drives, according to the White House. President Joe Biden signed the order Thursday afternoon. However, the 50 percent target is not legally binding.

The U.S. president initially tightened vehicle emissions rules. The new limit values ​​will come into effect in 2023. He wants to create charging stations across the country, expand the power grid and create tax incentives for the production and purchase of electric vehicles.

Instead of importing batteries from China, it is important to have supply chains intact in the United States, Biden said.

Only $ 7.5 billion instead of $ 175 billion

Ford, General Motors and Stellandis are aligned with the US government’s objectives, but on the condition that the promised incentives and investments are actually implemented.

Whether that happens largely depends on the split US Congress overseeing the White House infrastructure plans. Instead of the $ 175 billion requested, the government will probably receive only $ 7.5 billion to build charging stations.

Biden is taking an important step towards the world of electrified transportation. However, how far the journey goes does not depend on him.


U.S. President Joe Biden signed the order in the presence of three major U.S. automakers.