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Elderly care place in SH: costs increased by up to 409 € | – News

Status: 01/19/2023 12:22 PM

The monthly costs of obtaining a place in a nursing home in Schleswig-Holstein have risen sharply. According to information provided by alternative funds, the average amount to be paid from January 1 in the first year at home has risen to €2,354 on average across the country.

This means that in the first twelve months of their stay at home, those in need of care had to pay an average of €409 more per month than last year. According to the Alternative Health Insurance Association, the background to the increases is above all higher food and staff costs.

More relief surcharges – but additional expenses for residents

So costs skyrocketed, even though there were more relief surcharges. In the first year, health insurance companies pay five percent of your contribution. This support increases in three phases over time. Highest completion of the fourth year at home: In Schleswig-Holstein, the co-pay increased by 180 to 1,671 euros per month compared to the previous year. On the other hand, the amounts include the personal contribution for pure care and support. Unlike health insurance, long-term care insurance only pays a portion of the costs. For home residents, there are also costs for accommodation and meals as well as for investment in utilities.

Nursing staff should be paid in accordance with the collective agreement

Staff costs at homes have increased, because since September of last year, facilities have had to pay nursing staff under group agreements or something similar. Only then can they settle accounts with the nursing care insurance funds. Alternative Health Insurance Consortium President Ulrike Elsner has called for “one-stop care reform”. What we need is a financial concept with strong and dynamic tax support.

Social connection: many will no longer be able to afford care

The social association VdK Nord fears that many will no longer be able to pay for home care. Managing Director Ronald Manzke told NDR Schleswig-Holstein: “For those who are not yet dependent on basic security and social assistance, this means that they are now slipping into the social network. Or they no longer care which facility they are in. Now, you have to move on to Cheaper facilities. And that’s scary.” Manzke is calling for a cap on the personal contribution that people in need of care must make.

More information

The bpa operators association cites the new tariff loyalty scheme as the main reason. The Care Protection Association BIVA considers many letters of increase to be incorrect. more

Old man in bed © picture alliance Photo: Ines Beyer

The increase in nursing home costs is causing controversy. While contributions for long-term care insurance funds remain rigid, only home residents are paying the high prices. more

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