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Elden Ring: This summon can be mounted on opponents - Gamesupdates

Elden Ring: This summon can be mounted on opponents – Gamesupdates

The world of Elden Ring from Software’s is so large and full of small details that players will only discover after several hours. For example, a data worker recently discovered some mysterious symbols Which could probably refer to potential DLC. Also some players Elden Ring locations discovered in the real world, and the The sprint community is now able to play through the title in less than 20 minutes.

Summoning Latina uses his opponents as a mountain

If you follow the discussions on social media platforms like Reddit, hardly a day goes by without finding and sharing something interesting. For example, user “neoPie” shared a one-minute clip His summoned ally Latina uses a hostile wolf as a mountain without further ado.

Latina herself is part of a village full of wolves-taming warriors, so it makes sense that she could easily turn an enemy wolf into her mountain. The fact that most players do not know about this mechanism can be seen by the numerous votes and Reddit awards that neoPie’s contribution received in the meantime. Many players have already spent hundreds of hours on From Software’s new adventure, but this is the first time they’ve seen such a situation.