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Elden Ring has a game time limit and one player has reached it

Elden Ring has a game time limit and one player has reached it

elden ring You can’t play much, right? When it comes to game time announcement, the answer is at least “Yes, you can”. So far, only one player has reached the maximum playing time.

The player blew up the Elden Ring timer

Even if Elden Ring has a high replay value and almost invites more play, there is hardly a player who has maxed out the game like Reddit user JayzRebellion15.

In his count we find the impressive time of 999:59:59. This is where the Redditor hasn’t stopped playing. The screen does not have the ability to show more.

After 136 days of release, this means that our avid Elden Ring player must play here at least 7.35 hours per day until they reach the programmed time limit of 1,000 hours of gameplay.

Elden Ring offers an open world, with more than 150 bosses and you need more than 60 hours to play at once. If you want to see everything and collect every achievement, it will take longer. PvP can also keep players glued to the screen forever afterwards.

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After all, the Redditor seems to have completed the entire game with 1,000 hours. So far, this is the first fully played Souls game, he writes in his thread.

From Elden Ring released February 25, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.