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Eintracht Frankfurt.  SGE competitor FC Augsburg receives money from investor David Blitzer

Eintracht Frankfurt. SGE competitor FC Augsburg receives money from investor David Blitzer

  • FromDaniel Schmidt


US investor David Blitzer joins FC Augsburg and has big plans.

FRANKFURT / Augsburg – David Blitzer loves sports, prefers ice hockey and basketball – of course, he’s American and lives in New York City, so the NHL and NBA naturally get a lot of attention. And when you are the global head of a listed joint stock company and a billionaire at the time, you want to invest your money in sports. Blitzer is co-owner of Philadelphia basketball players and ice hockey slots from New Jersey Devils.

But the family’s father long ago discovered another field of work for himself, away from home, once across the Atlantic in Europe: football. He has long held shares in Premier League club Crystal Palace, as well as in Belgian first division club Waasland-Beveren and most recently in German league club FC Augsburg.

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In February, Blitzer acquired more than 45 percent of the shares in the FCA Offshore Equity Company with a face value of € 5.5 million. And his good friend, fire protection contractor and FCA president Klaus Hoffmann, had arranged the deal, “David,” according to Hoffman, “a sports obsession.” One with a lot, a lot of money. Blitzer acquired a 45 percent stake in Hofmannsvesters GmbH, which in turn owns a 99.4 percent stake in FC Augsburg GmbH und Co. KGaA. Hoffmann, 53, as managing director of the company, owns 30.56 per cent of the shares valued at 3.75 million euros. The remaining 24.44 percent of the shares are owned by two other partners.

In the somewhat quiet location of Augsburg in the Bundesliga, the investor’s entry caused a great deal of annoyance, mainly because the club only officially announced the deal, which was already fixed in February, last week – bear in mind after it announced a group of Fans that. Totally failed call from the club. Blitzer does not want to interfere with the day-to-day business of Augsburger, who are competing in Eintracht Frankfurt on Tuesday (8:30 pm). Hoffman himself remains the company’s sole managing director, and there is no place on his supervisory board for Spezi.

Certainly, the investor has an interest in the FCA contract of dismissal. Most recently, 11th place on the table against Schalke (0: 1) and Bielefeld (0: 0) introduced themselves as a relegation team – that was nothing. After all: With 33 points, Heiko Hirlich’s side, who play for Rani Khedira and Daniel Caligiuri, are seven points behind the relegation zone.