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Eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers are becoming scarce in the UK

According to its farmers, Great Britain must worry more and more about food from domestic production. “We should never take our food security for granted.” This was disclosed by National Farmers Union President Minette Batters at a meeting of the union on Tuesday. Almost a billion fewer eggs were produced last year than in 2019.

For tomatoes and cucumbers, the association expects production to decline to its lowest level since 1985. Many livestock farmers are also planning to scale back their operations over the next twelve months. It is 40 percent of cattle breeders and 36 percent of goat breeders.

“The clock is ticking,” Batters said, calling on the British government to take decisive action. Trade barriers should be removed, farmers should be supported and climate protection measures should be pursued. Additionally, given the increasing global burdens, one should not rely on bridging the gaps with imports.

The BBC reported on Tuesday that some vegetable shelves in supermarkets were unusually empty, so tomatoes in particular were said to be in short supply. These are usually imported to the UK in winter from Spain or Morocco.

Harvests there have recently been affected by cold weather followed by disturbed hot weather. Supermarket chain Asda has limited sales of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other vegetables, the report said.