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Efforts warn of problems for EU citizens in the UK

A few weeks before the deadline for EU citizens to apply to stay in the UK in late June, representatives of civil rights initiatives have expressed concern. Luke Piper, of the 3 million organization in London, warned that thousands of people would lose the rights set out in the EU withdrawal agreement if the application deadline was missed. 300,000 or more people who have submitted an application in good time, but will not get any result at the end of the deadline and will face difficulties.

“The challenge is to prove that an application process is running in the Ministry of the Interior and that landowners, employers and social service providers. Services Accept it, ”Piper said. Even those with a positive result, for technical reasons, for example, may have problems with a completely digital system to prove their rights.

According to the Right to Work Center, people in the low-wage sector are particularly at risk of missing out on digital resources. “Two out of five people who contacted the work rights center said they could not create digital resources when asked by their employer,” said Olivia Wickol, director of the organization.

Citizens of the European Union and other European countries can apply for the right to reside in Great Britain until the end of June. The prerequisite is that they have already entered the country before the end of Brexit on January 1, 2021. More than 5.3 million applications have already been received, according to the British Home Office. Of the nearly 5 million cases decided, 97 percent were granted temporary or permanent right to stay. But it remains to be seen whether they really enjoy the same rights as before, Piper warned.

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