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Edit files from Google Docs offline

Edit files from Google Docs offline

In fact, Google Docs aims to edit files directly in the Google Drive cloud. What many don’t know: With the right setup, you can also edit Google Docs files offline. If it doesn’t work out, a “Plan B” is needed.

Google Drive syncs documents and photos between multiple devices, provided all devices are signed in to Google with the same Google account and the appropriate Google Drive app. There are options in Google Drive to keep files in the cloud entirely local. You can copy files locally in the new Google Drive desktop app, for example, see this article.

The problem is with this: These files can only be edited locally or offline using those files which contain files in another place They are saved in Google’s own file format (Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets). For example, it will work with a Word (.docx) file because you can open it with Word or LibreOffice even without an internet connection, provided it’s copied locally. However, it will not work on a .gdoc file in Google Doc format.

However, Google also provides a way to not only save your file formats locally, but also to edit them locally in Google Docs. Try.

Solve: If you haven’t already, install Google Drive. Sign in with your Google account. Make sure you have enough space on your local hard drive for all of your Google Drive files. The free Google account is only about 15 GB in size; A modest amount of data that most hard drives can easily accommodate. Then click on the bottom right in the notification area Google Driveicon and open via serrated-I will die Settings. Switch to the left column Google Drive and switch to option mirror files About. Click Save to computer.

Activate the mirroring function so that all your Google Drive data is always stored completely on your local hard drive


Well and good, the files are now saved locally. But when it comes to editing, you need to apply for it again. As mentioned earlier: Office format files (such as .docx) saved in Drive can still be opened and edited offline in Word itself or in LibreOffice Writer. However, files you create directly in Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides formats can only be edited in the Google Docs app. It usually only works when you have an internet connection. Unless you have taken the allotment! You can do this through the following steps.