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Edge Security Update: Vulnerabilities have already been actively exploited

There are new security updates for Google Chrom and Microsoft Edge. The updates are recommended for all users as they fix several security vulnerabilities, some of which are rated as high risk. Updates are already available in the WinFuture download area.

The new version numbers are 100.0.4896.127 for Google Chrome and 100.0.1185.44 for Microsoft Edge. According to the release notes, Google has closed two vulnerabilities, and the update has been circulating since midweek. In the google chrome blog You can find some information about the update. According to Google, there is already evidence that these vulnerabilities are being actively exploited.

Bonuses and security fixes

  • Note: Access to bug details and links may be restricted until a fix is ​​made available to the majority of users. We’ll also keep the limitation when the bug is in a third-party library that other projects rely on in a similar way, but it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Accordingly, Microsoft has now also introduced a security update for Edge based on Chromium and provided a fix for Chromium vulnerabilities.

There are also some fixes for edge vulnerabilities. Microsoft also has a new Edge update Release notes have been published. It says: “Microsoft has released the latest version of Microsoft Edge Stable Channel (version 100.0.1185.44) which includes the latest security updates from the Chromium project. This update includes a fix for the vulnerability CVE-2022-1364, which the Chromium team has reported being exploited in the wild. For more information, see the Security Update Guide. This update includes the following updates for Microsoft Edge:

Vulnerabilities fixed with CVE numbers – edge specific

also in Microsoft Update Guide You will find more information about individual vulnerabilities. Updates are available to all users via the automatic update function or for download (eg in the WinFuture download area):

Download Chrome – Google’s browser
Download Microsoft Edge – a new browser based on Chromium

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