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Edge, Firefox or Chrome?  This browser is the best way to protect you from scammers

Edge, Firefox or Chrome? This browser is the best way to protect you from scammers

There is a large selection of browsers. The choice of users is often difficult. Like tested by expertsInternet RatingsThere are some differences even without additional software or software. The organization has now tested Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox for phishing and malware protection.

The results were surprising as both Chrome and Egde are based on Chromium. However, the two browsers offer different levels of protection.

Microsoft Edge correctly identified and blocked 97.4 percent of all malware attacks. The browser also performed well with phishing apparently in the first place. 92.3 percent of all attacks are identified here.

On the other hand, Google Chrome only got 86 percent for malware and 84 percent for phishing. Mozilla Firefox came last with 81% and 83%.

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Edge, Chrome or Firefox: this is how it was tested

Officials conducted a total of 80 tests over the course of 20 days. This resulted in a total of 480 hours of test recording.

As part of the tests, the URLs were browsed first, and the phishing attacks represented by the testers were hidden. If the browser recognizes this before browsing the page and refuses access, then everything is considered successful.

It was similar to malware tests. Downloads with malware were initiated here under the links. Here the download does not necessarily need to be canceled in order to be successful. However, the browser should at least display a message to the user and warn them.

Even if software is able to identify and block the majority of attacks, you should be aware of Use an antivirus program Think. So you and your data are additionally protected.