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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

Economy Minister Habek travels to the United States

Among other things, Habeck wants to meet with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Special Representative for Climate John Kerry, Trade Representative Catherine Taye, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and representatives of German companies.

“Transatlantic coherence is more important than ever these days,” Habeck said. The international community stands together and acts resolutely. “We support Ukraine with everything we can. We are responding to Russian aggression with clear and targeted sanctions,” he added. Habeck said it is now critical that the United States and Europe stand together. “Our partnership, built on the foundations of democracy, freedom and justice, is unbreakable. We throw it on the scale as a geopolitical weight to stand up to Putin. It is precisely the Ukrainians’ desire for freedom that Putin fears.”

Habeck explained that energy security issues are at risk in the transatlantic alliance as well. Germany in particular needs to reduce its dependence on imports from Russia. The most important key to energy sovereignty is the global shift towards more renewable energies and energy efficiency. “The expansion of renewable energies is a matter of national and European security.”

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