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Economy Minister Habaek travels to the United States

Economy Minister Habaek travels to the United States

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Updated March 6, 2024 at 8:16 am

Today, Federal Minister of Economy Robert Habeck embarks on a trip to the United States of America that will last several days. The Vice Chancellor plans to meet business representatives and politicians in Washington, New York and Chicago until Saturday. This is the third time that the green politician has traveled to the United States as Minister of Economy.

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According to his ministry, the trip will focus on current issues in the areas of economics, energy and climate policy, especially against the backdrop of the current geopolitical crises. The goal is to strengthen long-term economic relations with the United States and enhance cooperation on future technological issues.

German environmental aid… Hapik He called on him to reach an agreement to limit liquefied gas imports from the United States to a minimum and stop the construction of import terminals in Germany for the time being. Recently, Germany purchased more than 80% of its LNG needs from the United States, although doubts remain about the exact origin and composition of the gas. However, overall, Germany has so far only processed a small portion of its gas imports through LNG infrastructure. According to data from the Federal Network Agency, the share of LNG in German gas imports reached seven percent in December.

The US administration announced that it will not issue any new permits to export liquid natural gas at the present time. The White House said at the end of January that the goal was to study the impact of exports on energy costs, energy security and the environment. Although this pause applies to all countries with which the United States does not have a free trade agreement – including European Union member states – the White House emphasized that US allies will continue to receive supplies through existing infrastructure.
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