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Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that I am a huge fan of backups. How I apply my work, I have summarized in more detail here in the article. You should create backups of all services that you really and conscientiously use. Also from your router. I’ll Show You How to Back Up Your FRITZ! Box here in the FAQ.

Why is router backup useful?

Once you set up your FRITZ! This includes, for example, setting up a phone number for the FRITZ! FON, answering machine, WLAN settings, parental controls and certain rules for setting priorities. Oh, and don’t forget the extensive block list.

You can save all of these settings to a backup file and import them later, just in case. For example, if you have forgotten your password and cannot recover it. Same thing, but if you made an edit that really didn’t work and you don’t know how to undo it anymore.

So as you can see, backing up never hurts.

Step by step guide

First you have to connect to your FRITZ box. To do this, enter “” in your browser of choice (without the “” of course) and log into your box with your password. If you are still using the default password here, please change it first, here in the blog you will find instructions on how to do it.

Directly to the submenu: Backup

Once you are logged in, go to the System item on the left in the menu and then to the Backup submenu.

The rest of the part is relatively self-explanatory, as you can see in the next few photos.

Create a strong password when backing up
Create a strong password when backing up

It is definitely important that you choose a secure password to encrypt your backup. The easiest way to create one is with the password manager of your choice, as you can save it right away. I wear this 1 password And I am very happy with it.

After clicking Download, you will be asked to confirm that you are also allowed to create such a backup.

The easiest way to do this is via FRITZ! Fon.

You can then download the ZIP files and keep them safe. I put mine in the Cryptomator vault on a backup USB drive. Since it is already encrypted, you can of course store it wherever you want.

Fritz! Phone Data Backup Box

Plus settings for FRITZ! Box, you can also backup your dial-up data separately. If you are using the dial-up interface on your AVM box, you should also create a backup of this.

You should also keep this safe.

Phone data backup
Phone data backup


A backup is only good if you can also use it for recovery. This is why you should test a backup once in a while.

Restore a backup
Restore a backup

Your Fritz box damaged after a lightning strike? You messed up something and you can’t undo it? Then you can simply import the previously created backup again.

To do this, you must first contact the FRITZ! your Box. To do this, enter “” in your browser of choice (without the “” of course) and log into your box with your password.

Then it goes straight to the menu on the left, click on System and on the item Backup. You can find it here on the tab Repeat Possibility to download the backup file. The system should then work again as it used to.

But you yourself may have already noticed it. But I remember it anyway.
Making a backup once is nice, but if you make changes to your FRITZ box, you have to repeat the backup and put the old copy aside.

So you are on the safe side at all times. So keep that in mind the next time you make changes.