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Early Christmas: Man orders four iPhones – gets 61 of them

Early Christmas: Man orders four iPhones – gets 61 of them

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November 6, 2023

A 25-year-old American was astonished when his shipment from Apple arrived: instead of the four iPhones he ordered, there were 61 smartphones stacked on his kitchen table. What is he supposed to do with it?

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  • A 25-year-old American orders four iPhone 15 Pro Max phones from Apple: the top model costs $1,600.
  • Instead of the four he ordered, the package delivery guy delivers 61 iPhones, which the man doesn’t have to pay for.
  • The TikTok video of the story is worth talking about.

This is a very bad deal made by Giovanni Petruzzello. The 25-year-old American ordered four top-end iPhone 15 Pro Max phones directly from Apple in September, and had to wait a bit for the color variant he wanted to become available.

And the patience was worth it: Apple delivered four packages to the businessman at the end of October. However, there were twenty iPhones in each of the three boxes. In addition, a small package containing a unique item arrived at Petruziello.

Lucky: 25-year-old Giovanni Petruzzello ordered four iPhones from Apple and received 61 of them. Free shipping.

Screenshot TikTok/legends_gio

But what do you do when there are 61 iPhones on the kitchen table instead of the expected four? With a total value of more than 100,000 francs?

She first films a TikTok video and is thrilled that it has been viewed more than 15 million times within a few days. Of course you are happy that all packages were processed correctly, but your credit card was only charged for the four devices originally ordered.

Then you create a second video explaining that you want to keep the extra iPhones for Tim Cook to pick them up in person. That was his right: after all, Petruzzello explains, the order had gone through one of the company’s Apple customers as usual.

The comments on his videos are almost more interesting than the story of the supposed lucky guy. Some users think the story is made up, many congratulate him on the “jackpot” and want to dust off a device, and hardly anyone is worried about the employee responsible for the charging error.