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Battlefield 2042 - EA bringt neusten Teil der Reihe am 22. Oktober

EA Play Live prepares streams for Battlefield and Co

This year, EA Play Live Battlefield 2042 should be the highlight. Many streams prepare audiences for the event in advance.

The basics in brief

  • This year’s EA Play Live will launch as an online event in less than three weeks.
  • Until then, Electronic Arts will have several live broadcasts on various topics.
  • Battlefield 2042 is an important topic in both the streams and the event.

Fans around the world are looking forward to it right now Recently announced Battlefield 2042. However, players will have to be patient until its October release. Fortunately, the upcoming EA Play Live Battlefield will play a major role as well.

Battlefield 2042 has been represented several times in EA Play Live

Even before the actual EA Play Live premiere on July 22, Electronic Arts will be different depending on the theme mini– Perform streams. Going live on July 8th at 7pm with “The Future of First Person Shooters”, here we go Clear battlefield in focus stand up.

On the 13th of July there is also 7 pm in «EA

Finally, on July 20, new sports like ‘Maybe’ will appear under the banner ‘More EA Sports’ FIFA Shows 22. It will be the end of this month full of play Actual EA Play Live Done on July 22nd.

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