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E-Sport - HeRoMaRinE finishes third - Clem wins SC2 Masters EU - Sport

E-Sport – HeRoMaRinE finishes third – Clem wins SC2 Masters EU – Sport

Cologne (AP) – 19-year-old Frenchman Clement “Clem” Deblanche won the European Championship for the Dreamhack Starcraft 2 Masters Fall competition. Terran’s player won his third title in a row.

Clem won the final in a best of seven matches against zerg player Jonah “Siral” Sutala (4:2). The Frenchman started the fencing one point behind because he came over the bottom bracket. However, Clem drew directly on the first map.

Clem walks through the lower arch

Serral then managed to snatch a point off the tournament winner, but in the end Clem won three maps in a row. “It feels really great,” Clem said in a post-match interview. “After falling into the lower category early in the tournament, I was a bit anxious. So I’m happy to win at the end.”

Gabriel “HeRoMaRinE” Segat, the last German remaining in the championship, came third. After a clean record in his group, the rat-sport player lost to Serral only in the final round of the top arc (1:3). He also missed his second chance in the final by defeating Clem (0:3).

Last full-time season for HeRoMaRinE?

HeRoMaRinE showed mixed feelings on Twitter: “I couldn’t show my best form today and it was played.” Even if the German thought he had a chance to reach the final, he was still satisfied with the third place.

Despite his solid form, HeRoMaRinE surprised HeRoMaRinE with another statement: “This was probably one of my last tournaments as a full-time player.” Next season, the German wants to focus more on his education, but will continue to participate in tournaments.

Kneipp defeats Scarlett in North America

In the North American version of the tournament, Alex “Nep” Sanderhaft won. In the final, Brutus’ player defeated Sasha “Scarlett” Husten (4:3). The qualifiers dominated the tournament, both were undefeated in their group. In the playoffs, Kneipp defeated Scarlett twice, first in the final round of the upper arc (3-0), and then in a close rematch to win the championship.

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