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During US visit: Prince William cancels major broadcasts

During US visit: Prince William cancels major broadcasts

During his visit to America Prince William says no to big broadcasters

Prince William is leaving for America soon.

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As Prince William moves to America soon, there won’t be any fruitful TV interviews with the media in the style of his brother Harry.

While his little brother Prince Harry, 38, is currently in the spotlight for the sixth edition of the Invictus Games in Germany, Prince William, 41, is preparing for his trip to America. Early next week he will travel to the US to promote his environmental project, Earthshot. However, the British royal family will definitely do this from the TV cameras of all major American television stations. As “The Times” now reports.

Accordingly, Prince William has already blocked all requests from well-known television networks that want to conduct an interview with the future king of Great Britain. The decision certainly has something to do with her accusations against Prince Harry and his British royal family. Harry and his wife Meghan, 42, initially caused a stir with a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey, 69, then followed up with a joint Netflix documentary and her autobiography, “Reserve.” So it’s very possible that Prince William wanted to avoid questions about his brother by canceling the interview.

Prince William remains true to the royal family’s previous strategy: While Prince Harry has repeatedly sought publicity for criticizing the British royal family, with a few and rather subtle exceptions they have remained silent.

Pay attention to his environmental efforts

Instead, Prince William will be fully focused on his Earthshot project in America. The award ceremony, worth a total of 50 million British pounds (about 58 million euros), recognizes innovative ideas and innovations to combat climate change. In Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Prince William will unveil this year’s 15 finalists. Later this year, he and his wife Princess Kate, 41, will honor the winners in Singapore.