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Dump your "victims" into a new book!

Dump your “victims” into a new book!

From TV star to duchess: Meghan Markle has had a blistering career. Not without victims, as journalist Tom Bauer believes.

The basics in brief

  • Brett Tom Power is writing a book on Meghan Markle.
  • In it, old acquaintances of the duchess are allowed to give their opinions.
  • According to him, Megan wanted to silence her with lawyers.

Does this biography destroy the reputation of Meghan Markle (40)?

Author and journalist Tom Power (75 years old) is currently working on a new book. Subject: Megan’s life before became a duchess.

It seems that the Briton does not omit any details, no matter how unruly. Speaking to GB News, Bauer says his work contains “unusual things” that would “incite the public’s ire.” “There will be a big surprise,” he promised.

The 75-year-old doesn’t want to reveal what he means by that. Just so much: It turned out to be “hard work” because Meghan Markle and her lawyers “silenced everyone”. Oops!

Would you buy a biography of Meghan Markle?

wife Prince Harry (37) He came out of nowhere and became a global figure. The investigative journalist believes she has trampled on others because of her steep career. “Your victims have spoken to me.”

Before her life, she worked as a duchess 40 years today as an actress. After various small roles she succeeded A breakthrough in the TV series “Al-Daawat”..

In 2016 I learned Prince Harry I know, two years later the couple said yes. They live in California and have two children.

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