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Duchess Meghan broke down in tears at the Queen’s funeral

During the state funeral

Duchess Meghan broke down in tears in the Queen’s coffin

It is considered a thorn in the side of the British royal family. But when the coffin of the deceased queen passes over her, Duchess Meghan can no longer keep her emotions in check.


For Duchess Meghan, Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was an emotional day.

Duchess Megan (41) and the monarchy – a difficult relationship. However Queen Elizabeth II (96) and the Duchess of Sussex seem to have had a special relationship with each other. Although Prince Harry’s wife (38) has barely left good hair on the British royal family in her scandalous interviews, she has never commented negatively on the Queen.

So it is not surprising that the American mourns the deceased guardian. Even while serving at Westminster Abbey, Megan was very emotional and had to be comforted by Sophie von Wessex.