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Duchess Meghan: Bitter consequences for minors

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: Is it getting worse?

Despite the insider’s statement, not everyone at Buckingham Palace seems convinced she will attend. This was confirmed by another source and talked about another source The current plan called “Harry in a Hurry”. This states that Prince William’s little brother will be flown in to attend the coronation unaccompanied It must appear. While Harry pays a quick visit to his family, Duchess Meghan resides in California and celebrating his fourth birthday with their son Archie, since the coronation came on the same day as the little redhead’s birth.

According to palace expert Daniela Elser, the Sussex project could indeed tense mood Continue to deteriorate between families and “full of trouble” Put.

Having Harry there and not Meghan will only fuel the Duchess’s already blazing fire against the palace, and appears to lend credence to her claims of a cold and unwelcoming Windsor home,

The royal journalist wrote for the New Zealand daily ‘NZ Herald’. So whether Sussex will really turn out for the coronation remains to be seen More waiting.

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