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Drivers can no longer use the car radio

Drivers can no longer use the car radio

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from: Marcus Hofstetter

Car radios are having a hard time, a smartphone is making their lives difficult. But the end threatens them with an entirely different twist.

MUNICH – The radio continues to be an important source for many drivers to listen to music or news. But in general, the car radio is in decline, also because the smartphone is increasingly taking its place.

Car radio MW off: The motor of the electric vehicle operates on the same wavelength

But that’s not why MW radios, which broadcast medium wave radio, are becoming increasingly rare in cars. The main reason is the increasing prevalence of electric cars. Because their electric motor train seems to interfere with MW radio transmissions.

The matter was brought to attention by US Senator Edward Markey, who last December wanted auto manufacturers to know why they had stopped installing AM radios in their cars. Posted in early March Senator’s reply letters. According to Tesla, “Vehicle electric propulsion systems generate electromagnetic waves that interfere with the frequency of AM radio signals, which operate on a wavelength similar to the electric propulsion system.”

Car radios may soon be completely obsolete © Arnulf Hettrich / imago

BMW: The Munich automaker hasn’t installed MW radios since 2014

BMW writes that since the introduction of the i3, MW radios have not been installed in fully electric and hybrid models. This is also justified with electromagnetic interference, resulting in poor reception quality of analogue MW radio. In addition, technological innovations have given consumers many additional options for receiving information. According to the magazine Popular Mechanics Mazda and Volvo no longer have MW radios installed either.

OUT FOR MW CAR RADIO: Hardly a problem in Germany, but in the US it is

Medium wave is mainly used for terrestrial broadcasting of radio programs outside the transmission area of ​​VHF transmitters. In Germany, as in other countries in Europe, medium wave broadcasting has lost much of its importance over the years, so the hiatus of MW radio does not play a major role in these regions.

However, in the United States, MW radio is still an important medium. Because emergency messages travel there on medium wave, Sen. Markey also notes. AM radios are an important part of the emergency alert infrastructure, “the truth is, AM radio is irreplaceable.” It will continue to work to ensure that auto manufacturers continue to operate Offer their vehicles access to AM transmitters.