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Drive!  n fighting for a place at the Gurten Festival – Einsiedler Anzeiger

Drive! n fighting for a place at the Gurten Festival – Einsiedler Anzeiger

As one of more than a hundred bands, the musicians from Drive! n Get a place in the Gurten Festival. What does it take? Vote their fans!

Sylvia Geisler

Many musicians dream of being able to perform in front of thousands of people. Einsiedler Young Band Drive! n also that it’s incredibly cool to suddenly look at thousands of faces instead of dozens or hundreds. Her dream is to grow up and inspire people in Switzerland and eventually internationally with her music.

Is this why you entered the Waldbühne competition? “Yes. We are always looking for new ways to establish ourselves in the Swiss music scene and thus get more concerts. This competition was mentioned in the mx3 newsletter – so we signed up, “explains Yannick Chamberlain, the band’s vocalist.

By participating, the five boys hope to get the coveted place at the Gurten Festival on the one hand, and more listeners to their music through online voting on the other hand.

Crowd Required In the first round last week they are ranked tenth, fourteenth and currently twenty-first, but only the top six teams can compete in a competition to be one of four teams for the belt. “We’re going to spam our social media channels so everyone can take two minutes to vote for us,” laughs Tschümperlin.

But he didn’t think it would be difficult for a band from central Switzerland to attend a festival in Bern. “We believe that the origin of the band does not matter in this competition. The reach, engagement, and willingness to support that fans bring is a much bigger point.” The jury’s final word and with its biggest appearance yet at Let’s Fetz 2019, has already attracted the attention of 800 to 900 visitors. We hope they inspire many and can now animate them to vote (www

Public voting ends February 15th at 9 am. Only two days later, the six finalists will be announced, who will then have to compete directly in Mühle Hunziken on March 11th. On site, a specialized jury will select the four winners, who will be allowed to perform on the forest stage at the Gurten Festival from 12 to 15 July.