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Dreamliner: The first Boeing 787 from Lufthansa to fly in a Chinese cabin

Dreamliner: The first Boeing 787 from Lufthansa to fly in a Chinese cabin

The German airline is soon expecting its first Boeing 787. This plane and four other Lufthansa Dreamliners will have a cabin that was originally intended for another airline.

Lufthansa will receive its first Dreamliner in the coming weeks. The first five copies of the new long-distance model will have another special feature – the Chinese cabin. Because once it was ordered by HNA Group and it was for its subsidiaries Hainan Airlines and Suparna Airlines. However, due to financial difficulties, she was not able to afford it.

like the gate Frankfurt Bulletin Learned from Lufthansa Circles, the German airline will take over seats from HNA on the Boeing 787-9. You will only rework the seat covers and parts of the wall panels. Accordingly, 26 business class seats are installed in a zigzag arrangement, followed by 21 in 2-3-2 premium economy class seats, which are separated from economy class. This next comes with 247 seats in a 3-3-3 configuration with a pitch of 79 cm.

Lufthansa’s new business class from the sixth plane

The first five Dreamliners become the hallmarks D-ABPAAnd the D-ABPB, D-ABPC, D-ABPD, D-ABPE. Owned by Lufthansa I later ordered Boeing 787-9 they originally ordered. From the sixth and thus the first plane of the original arrangement, Lufthansa’s new business class are installed.

The German airline has ordered a total of 32 Dreamliners. After the transfer to Germany and modifications in the cabin, the first Boeing 787-9 will be used for training purposes The first on the roads in Germany is being. Only then will you head to transcontinental destinations. It will be first up Toronto.

In the photo gallery above, you can see shots of the Hainan Airlines Dreamliner cabin.