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Dream Holiday on the Red Continent: Your Australia Trip

In this article, we have compiled tips for planning your holiday in Australia and some of the most beautiful places in the country.

Perfect planning for your Australia trip

Australia is a huge country: it’s about the size of the continental United States and 20 times bigger than Germany. As a European, you tend to underestimate the size of the country and take too much for granted. So if you have a few weeks off, decide ahead of time what is most important to you on your trip. With so many possibilities that the country brings with it, it can quickly seem a bit overwhelming. So having experienced professionals by your side is helpful while planning your Australia vacation.

The distance from one location to the next is often quite large, so you need to take this into account in your planning. After all, if you only drive 200 kilometers a day on your commute, you might be annoyed about it. It is better to stay longer in one place to really relax and enjoy the area.
In addition, traveling in Australia can be wonderfully combined with various means of transport – for example, you can cover a long distance by plane, cover part of the journey by train, and then rent a car for a few days. The country also has a variety of options for using public transport.

Good to know in advance: Australia is characterized by different climate zones. So there is no best travel time for the entire country. You should research the climate of the particular region you are visiting in advance.

Possible Travel Areas in Australia

In the following, we will introduce you to two countries on the Red Continent.

of State of New South Wales, Australia

The country’s largest city is located in New South Wales: Sydney. When you hear the name of the city, the famous opera house in the shape of a shell comes to mind. Not without reason: the view of the architectural masterpiece is simply breathtaking. Sydney is a good starting point for all other travel destinations, with a lively city centre, great beaches and a subtropical climate.
Also popular is the Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales, which is criss-crossed with hiking trails. There you will find breathtaking valleys, waterfalls and beautiful wooded mountain landscapes. The highlight of the national park is the village of Wentworth Falls.
The best time to visit New South Wales is between November and April.


Thanks to its different climate zones, Queensland is an incredibly diverse state. The landscapes range from white sandy beaches to desert to tropical rainforests. One of the most famous places in Queensland is the Great Barrier Reef, which is unique in the world for its biodiversity and excellent diving conditions.
Those looking for a city break can tour the city by boat in Brisbane, party the night away, discover art museums during the day and shop at Queen Street Mall.
North Stradbroke Island is located near Brisbane. With beautiful beaches, this island is perfect for relaxing after a city tour.


Australia is a diverse and vast country that offers many options for your dream trip. The Australia experts from Travel Essence They are by your side with a lot of experience and passion as you execute your personal journey.

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