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Dramatic images show perseverance and creativity from space

Dramatic images show perseverance and creativity from space

The MRO HiRise Camera . Team The University of Arizona has pictures of the Mars helicopter cleverness Martian spacecraft pictures perseverance from space chest.

The photos were taken by NASA’s probe at the end of February Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). perseverance rover, the 3 meters And the Width 2.7 m It is shown circled in yellow in the image above. At the time of recording, it was on a rock called Muadh that is believed to be of volcanic origin.

200 meters to the west, NASA’s probe discovered Creativity, whose basic dimensions are only 14 cm The quantity and rotor blades have diameter 1.20 meters to have. In the image, the researchers circled the Mars helicopter in red. All you can see is a small black dot:

Perseverance is over February 2021 On Mars, the Mars Ingenuity helicopter completed its maiden flight after two months April 2021 Since then he has collected more than 20 times far.

NASA recently announced a Mars Helicopter mission they expanded. In the next few months, will work with perseverance on the River Delta Jezero hole Explore the red planet.