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Dramatic head-to-head race between the ninja legend and the young man

Dramatic head-to-head race between the ninja legend and the young man>Broadcast>Turns out>

Is there a big surprise in the final?

What would “Ninja Warrior Germany Allstars” be without legends like Moritz HansAnd the Oliver Edelman Or Stephanie Knoppinger? Like many of their fellow fighters, these athletes have been there since the first ninja season and it is impossible to imagine Germany’s strongest show without them. It’s even more surprising every time these ninjas suddenly have trouble competing. And this situation looms large at the Allstars Finals on May 9: an NWG legend and a young ninja compete in a thrilling head-to-head race. In the video above, we are already showing the duel that will stress the nerves of all Ninja fans. Who will win in the end and which ninja will win the all-star title can be seen on RTL Sunday evening.

“Ninja Warrior Germany Allstars” Finalists

A total of 20 athletes have reached the “Ninja Warrior Germany Allstars” Final. We show the first duels in alphabetical order:

  • Astrid Sibon – Stephanie Nobinger
  • Daniel Gerber – Moritz Hans
  • Joel Matt – Artur Schreiber
  • Kim Marchner – Penny Grams
  • Lasse von Freier – Oliver Edelman
  • Leon Layer – Yasin El Azzazy
  • Leon Weizmann – Philip Gothert
  • Max Springer – Sladjan Glapitch
  • Philip Hans – Daniel Schmidt
  • Tatiana Wood – Ekaterina Konanchuk

Stream “Ninja Warrior Germany” on TVNOW

RTL will show the “Ninja Warrior Germany Allstars” Grand Final on Sunday May 9th from 8:15 pm. At the same time, the athletes’ exciting tracks can also be watched on RTL Live.

And if you can’t get enough of Jean Cobain, Frank Bushman and the athletes, you have come to the right place: on TVNOW there Previous seasons of “Ninja Warrior Germany” And the “Ninja Warrior Germany Kids” to broadcast.