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Dragon Quest celebrates its 35th anniversary with a live broadcast

The Dragon Quest game franchise can also celebrate its 35th anniversary this year. Square Enix will announce additional headlines news in a matching stream.

The basics are in brief

  • This year, the Dragon Quest series is also celebrating its 35th anniversary.
  • In just under two weeks, there will be a live broadcast with ads.
  • Fans can look forward to news about the upcoming line-up of the series.

Not only Mario celebrates his 35th birthday this year, But also the Japanese series “Dragon Quest”. On the occasion of the anniversary, game developer Square Enix has now announced a live broadcast with various announcements. Here is some news about the upcoming “Dragon Quest lineup”.

New title for Dragon Quest

Since the original release of Dragon Quest XI is now present Some time passed in the country. Fans have been waiting for the next part of the popular JRPG series for a long time. It is unclear if there will actually be raw information about Dragon Quest XII on the stream.

Here’s a stream to celebrate the anniversary of “Dragon Quest”.

Stream On the occasion of the anniversary of the game series It will take place at 5:30 AM Swiss time on May 27th and will be supervised in English. A Japanese broadcast started half an hour ago and is dealing with titles exclusive to Japan. This is supposed to be about Dragon Quest Walk and Dragon Quest X.

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