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"Dr. Mario World» will stop on October 31

“Dr. Mario World» will stop on October 31

Mobile game «Dr. Mario World » will be discontinued soon. Perhaps the reason is that it has been the lowest-grossing Nintendo game since it came out in 2019.

The basics in brief

  • On October 31 of this year, the mobile game “Dr. Mario World” launched its operations.
  • For a long time it was Nintendo’s lowest selling game for iOS and Android.
  • In addition, Nintendo has not offered any new mobile games for a long time.

The last days of the puzzle game «Dr. Mario’s World » for iOS And Android calculated. Developer Nintendo announced on ThursdayThat the game should be stopped on October 31.

Since 2019, the lovers of the beloved plumber have been able to fight viruses in the mobile game by solving puzzles. The classic NES was already Six months after its publication By far Nintendo’s lowest selling mobile game.

In general, the company seems to be so Breaking with his mobile strategy Desire to focus fully on it Nintendo Switch to focus. There have been no games for a long time smart phone or tablet.

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