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Down ten kilos in six months: Johan Lafer reveals his weight loss tricks

Down ten kilos in six months: Johan Lafer reveals his weight loss tricks

Johann Laffer, here in Berlin in 2019, has now lost about ten kilos.

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TV chef Johann Laffer often goes without meat for the sake of his health. And the kilograms have dropped too. In six months he lost ten kilograms.

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  • TV chef Johann Laffer eats less meat because of his health.
  • He also lost weight as a result of his diet changes.
  • “I now weigh about 100 kilos,” he says. “picture”.

Johann Lafer suffered from constant pain – which is why he completely changed his diet. After knee surgery, he wanted to support his recovery. Meanwhile, he often abstains from meat and animal products.

“I was able to control my weight mainly by changing my diet,” Laffer tells Bild.

He used to open a bottle of red wine when he got home. “There were sausage slices. One for me and one for the dog.” Dogs and sausages are no longer there. “I still drink, but less.”

This is what Johan Laffer eats all day

And what does Johan Lafer’s menu look like throughout the day?

to eat breakfast The star chef loves to eat porridge. “For example with fruit and cinnamon.” It works without artificial sugar and replaces the sweetness with honey, agave syrup or maple syrup.

for lunch The chef likes to take his time. It is the most important meal of the day for him. Flatbread with mushroom gyros, vegetable ratatouille with wholemeal pasta or vegetable curry are served on the plate. This will fill you up for a long time. Ham Laver: “It depends on the seasoning.”

for dinner “Enjoy, but not unhealthy dishes,” she says. Laver relied on protein in the form of chickpea salad with tomatoes, smoked trout and coleslaw. “It’s great, fried eggplant,” he said excitedly.

The gum bear trick by Johann Lafer

And what helps prevent food cravings? “I’m not a person who mindlessly stuffs things.” But it is important to get these dynamics out of your body. Because if a body doesn’t get gummy bears, it won’t want any, either. “You have to find balance,” he stresses. “Now I take vacation more often, which helps me a lot.”

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