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Double Gold - Excellent Alfred Krupp Hospital

Double Gold – Excellent Alfred Krupp Hospital

Alfred Krupp Hospital
on 06/23/22

Alfred Krupp Hospital

Alfred Krupp Hospital is currently the only hospital in Essen that has been awarded the Gold Certificate from the Clean Hands Campaign. The staff at Rüttenscheid and Steele meet the high requirements for good hand disinfection in healthcare facilities. “The coronavirus pandemic has made clear once again the great importance of hand disinfection for patient safety. We are impressed by our colleagues in the wards and departments, how much they have made hand hygiene a part of their daily work. They all deserve more than ‘gold’. We would like to thank everyone who adheres to hygiene. As My special thanks go to the staff in the hospital’s hygiene department, who made the certification possible with their exceptional commitment through training, observations and campaign days,” says Dr. Medical Doctor Rudolf Ecker, Head of Hygiene and Infectious Diseases at the hospital.

In order to get the highest award in the “Clean Hands Campaign”, the staff has successfully set up several regular campaigns and measures in the hospital thus meeting all quality standards. These include, for example

  • regular compliance monitoring of the implementation of hand disinfection,
  • Annual training sessions on hand sanitization for employees,
  • Comprehensive equipment with disinfectant dispensers,
  • Organizational work in the steering committee and hygiene department.
  • working days, during which the “Five Indicators of Hand Sanitization” model was presented.

The Clean Hands campaign is based on the World Health Organization’s campaign, Clean Care is Safer Care.
It was launched with the support of the Federal Department of Health and with the support of the National Reference Center for Hospital Infection Surveillance and the Patient Safety Actions Alliance.

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