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'Don't Say Like Me' Law - Walt Disney Under Pressure in Florida - News

‘Don’t Say Like Me’ Law – Walt Disney Under Pressure in Florida – News

  • The Florida legislature voted in favor of the company losing its special status under widespread autonomy.
  • The corresponding bill now goes to the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis. His consent is considered safe.
  • The background is a law that opponents refer to as “Don’t say like me.”

The law prohibits, among other things, “sexual orientation or gender identity” topics from kindergarten through third grade in the classroom. Disney has clearly spoken out against the law.

Florida’s new law has sparked outrage far beyond state lines. Republican DeSantis signed the bill into law in late March. At the time, Disney opposed this in no uncertain terms, stating that the law should not have gone into effect. Then DeSantis and his Florida Republicans attacked Disney and defended the law.

Disney as a main employer

Disney is a huge business owner in the United States. The Walt Disney World Resort theme park near Orlando is a tourist attraction. The entertainment giant, headquartered in the US state of California, was granted a special status with extensive autonomy in Florida in the 1960s.

The bill, now approved by a Republican majority, could result in Disney losing this special status. “Disney tried to import California values ​​into Florida,” Republican Congressman Randy Fine told CNN on Wednesday. California is a particularly liberal state.

“Guest in Florida”

Disney guest in Florida. “If you want special privileges, you better act,” Fine said. US President Joe Biden’s deputy spokeswoman, Karen Jean-Pierre, criticized Florida Republicans. “We oppose the governor taking action against a company for publicly breaking the law.”