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Donald Trump is bullying his daughter Ivanka!

Donald Trump is bullying his daughter Ivanka!

What is going on there? US President Donald Trump has banned his eldest daughter Ivanka from entering his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

The basics in brief

  • Donald Trump owns the exclusive Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida.
  • His eldest daughter Ivanka has now been withdrawn from membership.
  • From Baba Trump himself!

Zoff at Trump’s house?

Donald Trump (75 years old) has been living with his family in sunny Florida since January 2021. He owns there Former President of the United States luxury Mar Alago club. Obtaining a membership is difficult. to make his offspring republican But one exception – so far.

According to “Bigsex”, it was Ivanka Trump (39) and the husband Jared Kushner (40) He was simply expelled from the exclusive club. It is the former US president himself. Girl’s face!

It is not known exactly why Donald wanted to get rid of his former favorite daughter. However, the truth is that the fatherThe daughter team sometimes has big differences of opinion. Did the reckless head finally explode?

Former “first daughter” Jared is now trying to get membership again. But this may be more difficult than expected. Because: “Indian Creek Country Club members are very picky,” says an insider.

is a need only one memberTo spoil the entry of a potential new member. and angry the father As an owner, that shouldn’t make it any easier.

Would Ivanka Trump be a good president?

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