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Dominic Bitner believes in the unfortunate defeat against the United States

Dominic Bitner of Bisenberg was allowed to go to the ice for the first time at the World Cup.


  • ofRoland Hallmel


Bisenberg – The time has come for the final team game. Dominic Bitner celebrates his World Cup debut against the United States in the jersey of the German national ice hockey team.

Television expert Rick Goldman gave Beisenberg a good performance in his World Championship premiere. But the German selection failed 2-0, thus continuing to tremble to enter the knockout round.

“We played a good game and deserved points,” Bitner said, showing he was in the duel and bringing his passes safely to his teammates. “America were lucky with a 1-0 goal, we missed it a little bit because we could have scored one or two goals,” Bitner lamented, as he threw two shots in the final half, but the Americans blocked them.

Despite a significant increase in shots, the Germans eventually had to concede defeat with an empty net goal. “We can still be proud of the performance. I hope we can continue this against Latvia and then we can win,” Beisenberger explains, before the “final”, a place for a spot in the knockout round against the hosts.

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