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Domestic League Agreement: Challenging tasks in a foreign location

The local league teams Wildsteig / Rottenbuch and Peiting play in the foreign country at the weekend. Both teams have difficult tasks ahead of them.

District – Travel is the name of the game FC Wildsteig / Rottenbuch and TSV Peiting in the district league. Both teams play away from home in the second round of the tournament. TSV Altenstadt, on the other hand, has no activity this weekend in its relegation run. The planned match at SC Wessling was postponed to May due to the wedding of chief defenseman Robert Kanzler.

Wildsteig/Rottenbuch doesn’t put any pressure on itself

The first away game of the 2023 season takes FC Wildsteig / Rottenbuch to FT Jahn Landsberg on Saturday (3pm). “A very strong team that plays very fast,” FC coach Fabian Lindauer says of Lechstadt, who finished first last year, ahead of their team in the fourth domestic league. The promoted team from Pfaffenwinkel was the only team that managed to inflict two defeats on the Landsbergers.

“Like then, we want to play our game boldly,” says Lindauer. He drives to Jean with his troops in great confidence, anticipating plenty of headwinds. “For me, Landsberg is a clear candidate for promotion, it will be a very difficult task,” says the FC coach. In terms of personnel, FC can muster almost the same squad as last time in the 2-2 home win against SC Maisach. Only Gregor Schafer is not there because he had to sit out due to a knee injury. “We’ll give it our all in Landsberg and see we can get something,” says Lindauer. The coach does not see any pressure on his team. In the table, FC is two points behind Landsberg in third place. Just like Wildsteig/Rottenbuch, Freie Turnerschaft started the championship round with a draw. The score was 0-0 against TSV Geiselbullach.

TSV Peiting focuses on behavior in possession of the ball

TSV Peiting was the only team in the B promotion round to win the start. However, a 2-1 win over FC h on home soil was a close affair. “I expect very tight matches again,” said TSV coach Fabian Melzer, looking at the entire league. The Peitingers are guests at SC Maisach on Sunday (3pm).

Sunday, 02/04/2023, 3:00 PM

“They played 2-2 in Rothenbuch, and that’s not without it,” says Melzer appreciatively. So he expects a difficult task for his team. Melzer’s proclamation to his team was “we have to hit the gas for 90 minutes like we did against Aich”. The people of Peying were very stable on the defensive. “There is still room for improvement in the future,” says the trainer. In training sessions during the week, Peiting’s people focused on playing with the ball so they could make more long runs of possession.

For the team, the same players available as last week. Whether Melzer will feature in the same starting XI remains open. “There could be one or two changes,” explains the TSV coach before the comparison with SC Maisach. Furstenfeldbruck are currently two points behind third-placed Pietingen. Last season, Maisacher just managed to stay up.